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Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga

Traditional hatha yoga is a holistic yogic path, including disciplines, physical postures, purification procedures, poses, breathing and meditation. The hatha yoga predominantly practiced in the West consists of mostly physical postures understood as physical exercises. It is also recognized as a stress-reducing practice.

Why chose Hatha Yoga

Evidence has proven that regular practice of yoga will greatly improve your flexability, help create an inner calmness, develop strength and stamina, bring about balance and coordination, increase supplness and assist in achieving maximum and mental relaxation.

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The reason why yoga is so unique is because it can assist and be used along side any other form of treatment. Yoga is both gentle and safe, yet poweful and life enhancing.The word “yoga” means union, which in terms of your yoga practice means a realization of your hoghest possible potential.


Who can benefit

Most people can benefit from Hatha yoga.

  • Children, Adults, and the Elderly.
  • Those with disabilities.
  • People suffering with anxiety and panic disorders.
  • Those lacking in confidence.
  • Those needing to improve their balance and coordination.
  • Those recovering from illness as yoga can be used as a key paryt of rehabilitation.
  • Those wishing to develop  their spiritual and physical well being

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About me

I first discovered Hatha Yoga in 1984, having suffered panic attacks for years and unable to find a way forward , I was advised to try yoga.

Although it was difficult for me at first to be able to concentrate and relax in the class with perseverance I began to discover the incredible benefits. The first was learning the skill of being able to relax my mind which is something I had battled with for years, For me yoga enabled me to access a deep sense of inner peace that I never knew existed and as a result it has changed the course of my life forever. I have since been inspired to explore many other natural ways of healing and went on to qualify in a wide variety of therapies and healing modalities.

My Aim

My aim in teaching yoga is to provide students with an opportunity to develop their maximum physical health, and by learning the skills of meditation will provide the individual with an inner calm that that will help them deal with stressful situations, gain mental clarity, attain inner peace, and a positive healthy attitude towards their life, regular yoga practice will improve vitality, youthfulness as well as creating mental, physical and emotional well being.

Available for  classes and one to one coaching.
Classes available at:
Oulder Hill Community School.
Hudson Walk.
Thursdays 7pm until 8.30pm £5 per session.

Contact Rita Thonmpson on 01706 655877 or mobile 07935964137.

Also available for one to one or group relaxation/meditation sessions.

Pictures taken from my yoga class.

yoga class in rochdale

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Rita Thompson - Life Coach

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