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Theta DNA Healing -

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What is Theta DNA Healing?


Theta Healing is probably the most powerful healing technique available today that brings about instant emotional and physical transformation and healing.


Using Theta can help you to remove deeply held beliefs which are often not present to the conscious mind but hidden deeply in the unconscious mind.

Working with Theta helps to identify the beliefs that block us from achieving our potential and beliefs that don’t support us which can sometimes can cause us pain and unhappiness.


Theta can bring about instant change and healing in the most miraculous and powerful ways, it can assist you in helping you to create the life that you really want to live.

Theta can instantly help once the deep seated beliefs that keep us stuck and are creating the problems are uncovered, Theta is nothing short of a miracle.

theat dna healing


Once the core belief, which supports the issue or illness, is located then the healing is instant.


Theta not only works on physical level but also on the emotional level, it can help with life situations and is a technique that can assist in personal and spiritual development.

As a Complementary Therapist for almost twenty years practising in a wide variety of skills I have found Theta to be one of the most amazing techniques for healing, although I value all of the therapies that I offer I find that I am using Theta more and more.


Theta Testimonials

"I first visited Rita after a recommendation following a series of disturbing panic attacks and a fear of any type of social event. I had transformed from a strong, confident young man into a shivering wreck and empty shell of what I used to be. I had literally given up hope of ever being ‘normal’ again and had resigned myself to living my life in a box. I had no idea why I was suffering these horrible attacks and why I felt so unhappy. I thought I was going insane. My fear of new people and situations was so extreme that it took me 3 months to pluck up the courage to see Rita !!  As soon as I sat down in Rita’s presence the panic attack that was surfacing quickly evaporated due to Rita’s calmness and understanding. It felt like I was finally with somebody who truly understood what I was going through. With Rita’s help I have started to feel ‘normal’ again and I am slowly rebuilding my confidence and self esteem. Rita has been extremely patient in getting to the root of my problems and using the Theta technique has changed my perspective. I would highly recommend Rita ( and have done so) to my family and friends without hesitation. "



"This is a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I first cam to see Rita I was not in a very good place, the only think I looked forward to was getting back into bed that night.

Talking to Rita helped me realise that a lot of what I was feeling was due to deeply ingrained beliefs from childhood and different experiences that had occurred in my life.

Using the Theta DNA Healing technique Rita was able to identify and then remove them.
She replaced them with lovely positive beliefs; the transformation to my mood outlook and general emotional well being has been unbelievable. More importantly the transformation was instant.

I want to say that I think Rita is a remarkable person her personality and manner made it so easy for me to be totally honest and open enabling the healing to take place form day one.

A million thank to you!!"



"I have been seeing Rita for three months now. I was at my lowest point, and riddled with pain, I was suffering from anxiety and vertigo, I had absolutely no confidence in myself, and my self-esteem was extremely low.

 During my treatment with Rita I had Reflexology, Reiki and some Counselling in which she listened to my problems she also taught me some techniques that I could use on myself that would help me deal with some of the physical symptoms that I was suffering from I have MS.
 I have applied these techniques and have found them to be of great value in reducing my physical and emotional symptoms and am now a much more confident person and I have a lot more self esteem, plus I can manage my pain much better.

 I have and will continue to recommend Rita to anyone who is in a similar position to what I was in when I first met her. Rita is a kind and genuine person but most of all she totally believes in the work that she does, she puts her heart and soul into in, I regard Rita not only as a brilliant therapist but she has become a wonderful friend.

Recently I received Theta from Rita and found the benefits incredibly effective in helping me over come some fearful beliefs that I had. The effects of Theta have been instant and miraculous."



"After embarking on a new career I experienced feelings of low self esteem and lacking in confidence. I had always held this negative belief system that I wasn’t good enough and turned to Theta DNA Healing for help.

I have to admit that I felt a little sceptical about it at first not just about Theta but I felt that nothing could help me, and that Theta sounded too good to be true.

After my session of Theta I left feeling totally uplifted and my negative beliefs had totally disappeared.

I am extremely grateful for this wonderful experience and you really don’t have to believe in it, yet it works like magic."



"I would like to thank Rita for helping me through a difficult time in my life. Her use of Theta dna techniques have proved so effective in helping me to acknowledge and replace deep seated beliefs. Before working with Rita I had many insecurities [mainly centred around the break up of my marriage]. After working with her I now have an inner confidence and strength. Theta dna has definitely helped me understand and be far more control of my 'inner self'. "

Sue Pilkington 


"I went to see Rita not thinking that I would walk out the door feeling as good as I did. Straight away when meeting Rita I felt she had a very claming effect on me almost angel like.

We sat down in a nice warm environment and started talking about things that I needed help with. It came natural talking to Rita and I’m not the kind of person to open up to just anyone.
I have suffered from panic attacks and emotional problems most of my life. Having this issue / problem has pretty much ruled my life and my thought process.

Having Theta DNA was amazing and I felt Rita took away these problems I had and replaced it with strength and inner happiness.

I now feel like I’m smiling on the inside now and that’s thanks to a great lady called Rita."



"I must admit the when Rita told me about Theta healing it sounded amazing but I was still sceptical that it could work for me.

I have recently left my partner and am bringing up our daughter on my own. Rita and I chatted about how I was feeling and it was revelled that as a result of leaving my partner I felt that I had failed my daughter and that she wouldn’t achieve her full potential being brought up by a lone parent.

Rita did a healing on me and I felt instantly better, I feel so confident now that my daughter and I will be fine and I did the best thing for her.

Thank you Rita."



"I have tried to give up smoking several times in the past and was unsuccessful.
I decided to try Theta to help me look into the belief systems that I was holding that kept me hooked into smoking.
Although it took several sessions of Theta to get to the deeply hidden belief that kept me from achieving becoming a none smoker, I can honestly say that we finally get to the core belief.

I now feel that the need to smoke is definitely gone, even though the thought can be in my mind, I feel much more in control rather than smoking controlling me. Thank you Rita"



"Rita has helped me tremendously through Theta healing.  I was having great difficulty in getting over my failed relationship.  For months I felt I could not get over her and felt very lonely.  This all changed instantly with Theta, I felt happy and fulfilled and that I could move on as my old beliefs where no longer holding me back.  Rita is fantastic at pinpointing the root of negative beliefs and helping you make immediate progress in life.  I strongly recommend Rita to anybody, she is understanding, kind and patient and a truly special person."



Driving Test testimonial

"Yes I have passed my driving test, and it’s all thanks to Rita and Theta DNA Healing. I phoned Rita because I knew she did various treatments and therapies and thought she might be able to help me with my fear of my DRIVING TEST.  I used to go to Rita for Reflexology many years ago it is something I personally swear by because its GREAT you go in feeling awful.   When you get to go home you feel like skipping down the street I should know, I have felt that way many times after a treatment. 

Theta was new to me, however I really did not know what to expect.  I thought I would have to go in to a trance or something like that.  When I had done the treatment I felt great however I wondered if I would feel any different when driving, and more importantly would it really help on the day of the test. This was my fifth driving test, the last time last time I was almost sick with worry. I could not get a grip and so I went and failed it yet again, but this test was different.  I just could not wait for the day of my driving test.  My driving instructor was amazed that I had improved so much on my driving, we did practice turns and I got them first time.  I had a fear of not being able to trust other drivers on the road after having Theta there were absolutely no problems with this issue and on my test I felt so at ease.

 All I can say is that Theta was a god send to me and well worth the money. I would never have believed it, If It had not worked on me, and I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone. It’s even helped to improve my confidence in everyday things. My advice to anybody would be  “Don’t worry just do it, you won't know if you don’t give it a go.



"After loosing my beloved 3 year onl cat to anti-freze poisening, I was absolutely devastated and began to feel quite ill. I went to see Rita and had a Theta session and the outcome was immidiate. Whilst I didnt stop greiving as that is a natural process, I felt immiadiate relief from that gut churning pain that gripped me everytime I thought of him, and now I can smile when I think of him."



"I was having panic attacks which affected my breathing quite badly and  noticed that where steam was involved it was consideriblt worse, for example when I was in the shower I gasp for breath and had to get out. I wa seven affected in the hairdressers I couldnt hold my head over the washbasin without panicking I had to stop going.
I loved my pamper days but likewise I had to give it up.
After oner Theta session the panick is completely gone and I can sing in the shower now, I can go to the hairdressers and the beauticians without any fears of panic at all. The effect was immidiate and my life is back to normal.                 Thanks Rita"





Where did Theta originate from

In 1995 Vianna Stibal a medical intuitive, massage therapist and naturopath was diagnosed with having incurable cancer in her leg, she tried using conventional and alternative medicine but they all failed and she was given only two months to live.

Vianna having children to support continued to work as a medical intuitive and it was during that time that by using the same techniques that she used to do readings she found that she was also able to heal the body. Vianna began to apply this healing to herself, due to the cancer her leg had shrank three inches, after using the healing technique she had discovered her leg had grown back to its normal size, the pain had disappeared and it was confirmed by the medical profession that the cancer had gone and her leg was completely healed.

Through her own life threatening condition Vianna had discovered a technique in which she was able to enter a level of brainwave known as Theta which allowed her to tap into the energy that moves into all things.
After continuing to work with her clients in this way she found that she could apply this energy to bring about instant change to beliefs and feelings that are linked to ill health and sickness.

Theta works by utilising the power of the Theta brainwave state in order to access the subconscious mind where all limiting beliefs and feelings that block us from achieving out true potential are stored.


What can Theta help with?

  • Panic attacks
  • Fears and phobias
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Unwanted behaviours
  • Weight problems
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Health related problems and many more

Let Theta help you become free from your problems, fears, illness and much more.

How long is the treatment

Treatment sessions are for one hour.  The focus is on looking at the unconscious beliefs that are causing the problem, which is often out of conscious awareness and can sometimes take some time getting to the core of them. Every person is different and it is difficult to say how many treatments will be needed, some people may need one some may need more..

Consultation - £25

Cost of Theta DNA session - £40  

Please Note: Cancellations must be made 24 hours before otherwise 50% of the cost will be payable.

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